HUSH YOU is a 20-minute film inspired by the play HUSH, written by Megan Hutton – based on Autumn Abrahms’ story. The film is about a middle-aged woman who, after a confrontation with her mother, reflects on the incestuous sexual abuse she experienced throughout her childhood.

In July 2016, HUSH YOU was filmed at various locations in Toronto and is being submitted to film festivals throughout North America and Europe. The official launch is expected in the summer of 2017.

Making The Film

Megan and I met in the fall of 2015 at a music meetup she hosted. After hearing my song, Little Girl, Young Boy, she asked if I would write the music score for HUSH – as the first step in developing the play into a film.

After years of listening to stories about sexual abuse, for my book Unlock The Door – Beyond Sexual Abuse, and as a facilitator at The Gatehouse, (as well as having experienced sexual violations as a child), I quickly wrote the music and lyrics for HUSH YOU. I presented it to her the following week.

Upon hearing the song, which she loved, she asked if I would consider working with her to create the film. After much discussion, and months of collaborating and planning, our vision to make HUSH YOU materialized.

Becoming a film-maker has been a vast learning experience – I am both thrilled by the result and exhausted by the weight of all the hats I’ve worn. Most of all, I am SO anxious to present the film.

The song HUSH YOU was also recorded for my debut recording, Vulnerable Places.

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