Released in 2013. Forward by Dr. Gabor Maté

Thirty-nine contributors – 1500 years of experience. Interviews, stories and poems. The topics include: Family Secrets, Trusted Others, To Punish-To Protect, A Time To Heal and Advocacy.

‘Unlock The Door’ (UTD) illuminates thirty-nine stories of personal strength, courage and resiliency. The author vividly captures the traumatic and lifelong effects of sexual abuse in her in-depth interviews.  Maria Fatima

The way to begin resolving trauma is to talk about it, to bring it to the light of day. As one of the contributors in Unlock The Door states, ‘When one person’s words flow and another person listens, magic happens.” In this book people speak and we, the readers, listen. And listen we must.Dr. Gabor Maté M.D.

The main theme in the book is the focus on healing and moving beyond victimization as well as educating others about this devastating social issue. Survivors of sexual abuse often feel isolated and alone, ‘Unlock The Door’ gives a voice to those who have not yet spoken, by allowing us to remember that we are not alone.Karen, Survivor

‘Unlock the Door’ provides readers with a courageous, candid and unflinching account of the heart-wrenching lived experience of child abuse. Through sharing her own and others’ stories, Deb Maybury provides validation and hope to survivors whose lives, through no fault of their own, have been shaken body and soul. Her writing is terse, her point sharp and abundantly clear. Victims need a justice system that better serves their needs and more services capable of supporting their journey to wellness.Dr. Fred Mathews, psychologist

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