Vulnerable Places

My Debut CD - Released December 2016


Forty years of dreaming ...

In December of 2015, I introduced a handful of songs to producer Jason LaPrade with the dream of recording an album. Neither of us had any idea where the project would take us. As work progressed the list of songs expanded, as did the arrangements. Together we selected songs, musicians and developed the instrumentation of each song. The results are beautiful.

Jason was able to harness my unique voice, songwriting and deeper message – unifying them with his musicianship and masterful arrangements. Vulnerable Places exceeds our expectations and my dreams.

Featuring fine playing and singing from 12 accomplished Canadian musicians, this album is a beautifully woven tapestry of many bright, strong threads – some old, some new. It is a collaborative effort drawn from deep wells of love and longing – of the necessity to hold on to hope and dreams to overcome trauma, doubts, loss and fear. This is a universal struggle each of us faces on our unique journeys through darkness and light.

In the words of Hawksley Workman from his song, Oh You Delicate Heart:

… the darkness defines where the light is …

Vulnerable Places illuminates this truth and is a brave triumph – a perfectly imperfect offering.

Production Credits, Musicians and Singers

Booklet of Lyrics (PDF)

Vulnerable Places Videos

Special thank you to all the musicians who made 'Vulnerable Places' a reality!

Hush You - Video Clip

Little Girl, Young Boy

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